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We Have Lift Off…

Ground control to Major Tom…here’s some rocket launching videos from Miss Freeman’s Grade 5/6 class.  View the launch line up here.


Racing Rockets

Next up for Miss Freeman’s class is rocket building.  Students are being Aerospace Engineers and designing the right amount of thrust to counter the drag of launching a rocket.

Students are using cardboard and paper to add to a water bottle to create a rocket. 

Hypothesis testing is the focus, as students determine the right amount of water in their bottle to ensure maximum pressure between air and water for succesful force upon launch.

Here the students are building their rockets, selecting appropriate cone design for the nose and fin size for the rockets.  They will then choose the right amount of water they think is right for their bottle.

Crash Test Dummies

Here are the test runs of the crash cars…you can watch it on You Tube by clicking here.

(For some reason the You Tube playlist won’t load correctly here in WordPress…if you have any suggestions to make it work, please let me know.)

ESQ Science exploration

Miss Freeman’s Grade 5/6 class has the Engineering Science Quest group in today to teach science concepts.  We are starting with Crash cars.  Students are designing their crumple zones on a tight budget.  With $20 they need to purchase straws, newspaper, popsicle sticks, cardboard and tape.

20 minutes of building later, the prototypes are nearing completion.  Now it is time to go and test out the car designs with water balloon passengers.