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Reporting Updated Info

This was just posted on EduGAINS, as well as an updated Questions and Answers section for September 2011…

Materials used for the Regional Progress Report Sessions are available for previewing and for use by boards and schools to conduct their own local sessions. However, it is advisable that local in-services using these materials take place after board teams have attended one of the regional training sessions.

New Report Card Comment Framework Resources

Check out these new resources and videos from the MISA London network. There are some great videos of how the learning goals and success criteria you develop in class, easily fit into the development and writing of your report card comments. Take a moment to view them…

Excellent Report Card Support Resource

Helpful Report Card webinar from a MISA member…

Report Card Resources

There are some newer resources regarding the report cards now available on the Edu Gains site. You can click the link on the right hand side or click here. There are some videos about building success criteria, an extensive Q and A section about the progress report and term one report cards, as well as samples of report card and progress report comments from the Ministry document on Reporting Student Learning.