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Six Nations Numeracy Committee Meeting Minutes June 1st, 2011

Six Nations District Numeracy Committee Meeting Minutes
June 1st, 2011 2:30 – 4:00 pm
District Teacher Office (J.C. Hill School)

In attendance: A. Anderson, T. Claus, M. Martin, J. Restoule General

Regrets: L. Martin

Absent: C. Froman, D. Hill, A. Noyes, J. Skye

1. J. Restoule General shared with committee information from OAME 2011. This included many handouts, resources and supplies from various publishers and presenters. Committee members in attendance divided up the resources based on their school’s/classroom’s needs. Copies were made of Edutopia, Curriculum Associates, Literacy & Numeracy Secretariat, Statistics Canada, GEDSB, and OAME workshop materials. Committee reviewed some of the workshops from OAME 2011, which can be found here.

2. Information pertaining to the next OAME conference was shared. Committee is encouraged to pass along information regarding the 2012 conference, May 10th-12th in Kingston, ON. Now is a good time as staff will be filling out Learning Plans for the 2011-2012 school year. The conference is akin to “Reading for the Love of It” but for math. It was noted how many teachers from each school go to that conference and it was recommended that teachers consider enhancing and building upon their math knowledge. It would be nice to see at least one teacher from each school in attendance at OAME 2012. There will be some excellent featured speakers. For more information, go to the OAME 2012 website: (Registration opens February 1st, 2012.)

3. Committee members were each given a brochure ( on the OAME Leadership Conference scheduled for the Fall (Oct. 27th – Oct. 29th) to share with their respective schools/staff. The theme for this year is “Creating Communities of Assessment Inquiry
and Practice: A Vision for Leadership in Mathematics”. Schools are encouraged to send a staff member and to include this on their learning plan.

4. Numeracy committee reviewed desk book headings for further development over the summer. A recap of the concept behind the binders (distributed to each school’s members last meeting) occurred, with committee members to continue to gather information/resources to be included in the desk book.

5. Meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.

Next Meeting: September 7th, 2011.

OAME 2011

Here i am working hard on Problem Solving for Enrichment in grades 5-8, just one of the many great workshops at OAME 2011. The package of problems i’m working on will be made available to the Numeracy Committee at our June meeting. For information on next year’s conference, SO YOU CAN PUT IT ON YOUR LEARNING PLAN, please click here.

Alice and Bob in Wonderland

The evening keynote speaker at the OAME Leadership Conference blew our minds. It was one of those talks that have people chattering immediately, continuing the conversation well into the evening, and then speaking about it more and more the next day._stwVar[“player”]= “generic_singlev2”;_stwVar[“width”]= “650”;_stwVar[“height”]= “460”;_stwVar[“autostart”]= “0”;_stwVar[“skintemplate”]= “stw_dark”;_stwVar[“clientid”]= “2121”;_stwVar[“clientcheck”]= “9Huudq3”;_stwVar[“mediaid”]= “562451”;_stwVar[“lang”]= “en”;_stwVar[“activesprinkler”]= “0”;_stwVar[“clientname”]= “perimeterinstitute”;_stwVar[“mediafileid”]= “881821”;embed();

The speaker’s name was Richard Epp, and he is part of the Perimeter Institute in Kitchener-Waterloo. They have produced a series of animations entitled Alice and Bob in Wonderland that briefly describe some of the greater questions and ideas that underline our existence. Here is one of them… to see them all, click here.