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Count Me In Too

Here is an interesting site that i somehow stumbled upon…it is an interactive website based out of New South Wales. In the words of the website itself, it is based on a professional development program developed to support the effective teaching of mathematics in years K-6. The program melds findings from research about how children learn mathematics, with research on effective professional development. It has three major components:

  • A theory of number development based on research from around the world and described in a learning framework;
  • An individualised Schedule for Early Number Assessment used by teachers to place each child at a point within this framework; and
  • A professional development program designed to assist teachers better understand how children learn arithmetic.
Here is a link to the main page: click here.
The reason i came across the site itself was due to a search i was doing looking for Numeracy resources connected to Indigenous people, which this site has some pieces on.