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Small Number and the Old Canoe from The IRMACS Centre on Vimeo.

Filed under: “Where were YOU all this time???” or what is sometimes termed as WTF?, I amazingly failed to notice this math website until this year:  Math Catcher.  I will let Math Catcher’s own description speak for itself:  The Math Catcher: Mathematics Through Aboriginal Storytelling project includes the creation of a series of short animated films that accompany picture books, as well as the development of related activities that introduce math topics and techniques through stories that follow Aboriginal storytelling formats and contain elements of Aboriginal traditions and cultures.

I’ve added Math Catcher to the Math Websites for Teachers Link List on the right sidebar.

Count Me In Too

Here is an interesting site that i somehow stumbled upon…it is an interactive website based out of New South Wales. In the words of the website itself, it is based on a professional development program developed to support the effective teaching of mathematics in years K-6. The program melds findings from research about how children learn mathematics, with research on effective professional development. It has three major components:

  • A theory of number development based on research from around the world and described in a learning framework;
  • An individualised Schedule for Early Number Assessment used by teachers to place each child at a point within this framework; and
  • A professional development program designed to assist teachers better understand how children learn arithmetic.
Here is a link to the main page: click here.
The reason i came across the site itself was due to a search i was doing looking for Numeracy resources connected to Indigenous people, which this site has some pieces on.