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Sticks and Stones Might Break My Bones but at least I’ll have learned something!

I came across this Native American inspired data management lesson/game whilst looking for exemplary lessons. If you haven’t utilized the NCTM Illuminations website yet, what are you waiting for??

There are SO many great lessons at your fingertips that can be modified or presented as is for your classroom. Search by grade and strand and away you go. Most lessons are actually designed to combine math strands, so not only does it cut down on your lesson planning, it also trims time on your curriculum coverage.
Take a look by clicking on the link “Illuminations” on the side bar. The best thing about these lessons are their adherence to the type of problem solving, open investigation learning that we need our students to be doing in the modern math class.

Illuminations Math Site

Here’s another website to try. There are lessons from K to 8, with some games that might be good to try with younger students. It is from NCTM.