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NEW Gap Closing Resources

This just in from the MATH GAINS page (accessible from the EduGAINS link on the right)…

Gap Closing: ePractice

  • Gap Closing Grade 6: ePractice activities for students to consolidate their learning and get extra practice. Web-based, interactive activities available 24/7, with built-in feedback and multiple options for student users. Click on “Gap Closing Grade 6 Number Sense” under Learning Materials on the MathGAINS home page in the left menu to try these out yourself or to download for use with your students.

Gap Closing Grade 6 Number Sense Series

The MATH GAINS Grade 6 Number Sense Gap Closing series begins tonight from 4pm to 5pm. i will be at my office participating in these sessions (six in total). Teachers are welcome to join my group and “attend” these sessions with me.

A video by Marian Small is available at this link. It sets up tonight’s session and it was requested that it be viewed in advance.
Materials for all six sessions can be viewed and downloaded here.

SMART Sessions with Marion Small

This information was just shared with me. Could be interesting…
Nelson Education has teamed up with SMART Technologies to present a unique series of webinars featuring Marian Small. In each online session, teachers will share SMART Board math lessons and activities they have created, while Marian Small provides practical suggestions on how to easily modify the lessons to make them more accessible for the wide range of learners in the classroom.
Each webinar will focus on a specific strand and will be using examples specifically from Grades 3-6, but anyone is welcome to join from any grade.
Sessions are always on Wednesdays, 4:30-5:30pm (EDT). Each session will be recorded and posted online afterward.
The schedule is:
October 7, 2009: Patterning
November 11, 2009: Number and Operations (Part 1)
January 20, 2010: Number and Operations (Part 2)
March 10, 2010: Measurement
April 28, 2010: Geometry
Registration is now live – you can visit this link, then click the Registration button which will take you to the SMART site. You can register in advance for all 5 sessions.

Caribou Math Contest

Thanks to Alice Anderson for alerting us to this math contest coming up in October (with many more throughout the year). The contest is open to all grade 3, 4, 5, and 6 students across the province. Entry is FREE and the test is done completely on-line, with no further marking or commitment required of the teacher, other than the initial registration.

It would be awesome to see our students participate in this event. I encourage all the classrooms to coordinate their participation and am willing to assist you in any way possible to have our kids compete. I will be around the schools with some posters and signage to generate excitement and interest for the contest. I can also register schools once principals/teachers have expressed their interest.
Here is a quote from the e-mail that Alice shared:
“The sole purpose of the contests is to promote mathematics through puzzle solving among young children. It is not our aim to compare schools as can be seen from the statistics we publish on our web page, which only shows children who won and their school.”
Their website is located here. (Click on “here” for the link). The first contest is for grade 5 and 6 students. The second contest on November 18th is for grades 3 and 4. The contests then alternate throughout the year between the grades, roughly a contest every month (or if you prefer to look at it as a contest for each grade grouping every OTHER month). There is no commitment to do each and every contest, so feel free to look at the site and determine what suits your students.
There are sample problems for students to try in advance of the contest test writing dates, along with other valuable resources. Students who participate will be able to download a printable certificate of participation and a certificate of merit with the achieved rank within their school, within their school board, and in the province.
Let’s take a shot at the Caribou!!!