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ExploreLearning GIZMOS on PD Day

We are excited to have the ExploreLearning GIZMOS and REFLEX trainer at our PD day on Friday, November 25th.  All Intermediate teachers will get their accounts set up in the AM and junior teachers will be able to view the resources in the PM.  Please check your government e-mail for the PDF file that Peter Wright has shared with our teachers specifically for this PD day.

Explore Learning Newsletter

i sent this out via e-mail, but since we can’t access e-mail from home, i thought i would add the same link here for viewing from home.

It’s a great resource if you are wondering how to get started on the Explore Learning GIZMOS site.
i am still working on getting the PD for all grade 7 and 8 teachers. Presenter is lined up and ready. Just awaiting approval for the half day workshop.
If you haven’t used the resource yet, next week is a great time to play around with it.