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Grade 7 Fraction Festivities

 Mrs. Charles had her Grade 7 class solving some fraction puzzles
AND getting creative in the culinary arts at the same time.


 Students were given a cue card like the one above and had to 
then take the correct amount of cupcakes based on their allotted fraction.
They then had to follow the fraction amount to properly decorate the cupcakes
with the right amount of cupcakes iced a particular colour for their cupcake creation.

 Mrs. Charles really turned a normally frightening math concept
into a fun and festive classroom activity, all for ECG’s Halloween fun night.
(Do they even know that they were technically multiplying fractions???)
Also seen at ECG:  a fun math mystery book on display.

Need some Fraction Lessons?

Here is a site with some lesson plan suggestions for the almighty difficult area known as Fractions.

Another suggestion for fractions is to use fraction stacks. These may already be in your classroom. Basically, they are stackable cubes that represent fractions in four different ways. One side has a typical fraction (1/2), another side has the decimal (0.5), the next has the percentage (50%), and the fourth may have a fraction over one hundred (50/100). This should help with that tricky converting between the rational numbers.
Finally, here is a webpage that i think will work interactively with SMARTboards or whiteboards (don’t actually have one to try it out, so i can only presume it works–please leave a comment if you try it and it does or doesn’t work).
Like many things on the internet, you can do this on a regular computer, as a whiteboard isn’t entirely necessary to use it.