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MindSong Math

Here is a website out of Wisconsin designed to help students in mathematics, specifically special needs students of Native American background.  Often these types of resources fall under the banner of “Necessary for Some, Good for All” so no matter who or what you teach, you may want to check out some of the resources.  Find the site by clicking here.

Small Number and the Old Canoe from The IRMACS Centre on Vimeo.

Filed under: “Where were YOU all this time???” or what is sometimes termed as WTF?, I amazingly failed to notice this math website until this year:  Math Catcher.  I will let Math Catcher’s own description speak for itself:  The Math Catcher: Mathematics Through Aboriginal Storytelling project includes the creation of a series of short animated films that accompany picture books, as well as the development of related activities that introduce math topics and techniques through stories that follow Aboriginal storytelling formats and contain elements of Aboriginal traditions and cultures.

I’ve added Math Catcher to the Math Websites for Teachers Link List on the right sidebar.