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Holy Caribou Competition Results!!

What a fantastic addition to the Caribou Math contest contestants yesterday, as Ms. Charles’ grade seven class and some grade four students from ECG joined Mr. Hickey’s grade 7 and 8 students and Mr. Freeman’s grade six class in writing the fourth contest.  The added interest and competition resulted in some difference in results for some students, as some tried to hang on to their top teir status, while others moved upward from their previous results in prior contests.

I continue to be impressed by the perseverence and effort exhibited by many, many students.  Willing to work through challenging and difficult problems is commendable in and of itself, and its great to see the thinking and strategizing come a little more naturally to each student as the year progresses.

While I don’t have the time and space to highlight everyone’s great work, I will take a moment to recognize the achievements of some in each category:

In the grade 3/4 division, we had three contestants write for the first time this year.  They did well, scoring higher than the Canadian average in number of correct questions and number of points. One student even finished 240th out of 1319 in Canada, which was 220th out of 1223 in Ontario.  This placed them in the top 17% in the country.  Nya:weh to Ms. Charles for giving them the opportunity and also to Miss Charles for thinking of her fellow classmates when it came to writing the test.

In the grade 5/6 category, there seemed to be a tougher set of questions for our returning class.  We had a new student come out on top, with seven correct responses.  This placed her 612th out of 2000 students in Ontario, 714th out of 2370 in all of Canada.  That is the top 28% in the country.

The influx of a new class in the grade 7/8 group boosted our totals to 45 students overall.  This resulted in some students rising up in the ranks while others fell from more competition.  At ECG, the top student answered 13 questions correctly, returning to the top of the heap at their school.  This placed him 540th out of 1848 in Ontario, 642nd out of 2163 in Canada, or the top 29%.

However, two students from JC Hill placed 1st and 2nd in our district, with 13 questions answered correctly as well.  The only difference from the gentleman from ECG being that the questions may have been worth more points OR the test may have been completed in a quicker time frame.  These two students from JC Hill finished 495th and 523rd in Ontario, good for 585th and 621st in Canada respectively.  That is the top 26 and 29% in the country.

Congratulations to ALL students on competing in a challenging contest.  Your participation is its own reward, as hopefully you are gaining a better understanding of how to strategize a solution to a problem, and growing in your mathematical processes.

Caribou Explanation

Check out this video of a student describing the thinking process while solving a Caribou Math Contest question…

Can your students explain their thinking? Could they solve this type of problem? Have they been given opportunities to try this or do this in class? Why not use the Mac Lab tools and have a similar presentation workshop where students describe their solution process to a math problem?

Caribou Tomorrow

Get your calculators ready….

Tomorrow is Round One of the Caribou Cup Contest. Grades 3 to 8 can participate in a challenging, on-line learning environment that engages them in problem solving in mathematics. Students from across the country will be participating, in Public schools, Private schools, French schools and, of course, First Nation schools.

i’ve spent some time in a grade 6 and grade 7 class to give them some support at approaching these questions for tomorrow’s contest. Each class has done remarkably well at figuring out how to strategize their way to the proper answer. We used the practice tests from the Caribou website to help them prepare. It was also nice to see students visualize their thinking through the use of diagrams, manipulatives, individual white boards and begin to talk about their process so that other students could hear and learn from each other.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you have one more day to do so. You can always participate in future contests, but the Caribou Cup is a cumulative contest, so it’s best to start it in October. i am always available to assist in participating in the contest, assisting with registration, and facilitating practice sessions with your class.

Caribou Cup Returns!!!

Have you registered your class for this year’s Caribou Cup Contest??? Use the link on the sidebar OR click here to go to the site to register.

Grades 3 to 8 can participate,
The math learning is great,
I’m sure you can’t wait,
Help your students accelerate…
For more info, please contact me. It would be great to see students that have written the test in the past continue to write it this year, as they most certainly should see a progression in their abilities to solve problems and think about math in a fun context.
Contest dates are available on the Caribou page, and are also listed below:
October 12th
November 16th
January 18th
February 15th
April 18th
May 9th
All grades participate on the same day, and all contests occur on a Wednesday.

Get Your Pencils Ready!!!

Just like the previous two years, the Caribou Math Contest will be holding contests throughout the year, as students compete for the Caribou Cup. Each school on Six Nations has competed in the Caribou Math Contest to some extent, with several teachers (Mr. Hickey, Mrs. Hill, Ms. Ireland, to name a few) giving their students an opportunity to improve on their performance by making the contest a regular math activity in their classroom. These teachers noted an improvement in the competing students’ ability to problem solve, notably gains in their perseverance and ability to choose and carry out strategies to solve math problems. I look forward to their participation and support again this year, and hope to see several NEW classrooms sign up.
For more details on either math contests, you can always use the links on the right hand side bar.

Caribou in Grade 3 and Grade 7

A big congratulations to Ms. Hill’s group of Grade 3 students who have been competing in the Caribou Math contest all year long. They wrote the test under less than ideal circumstances last Wednesday (it was a quick rush before they went swimming), yet they still managed to score some great results!!

Sheridan placed 231st out of 1042 students in Canada, in the grade 3/4 category. That means she competed against students a full grade ahead of her and still managed to finish in the top 23% in the nation. She also ranked 214th out of 931 in Ontario. Way to go, Sheridan!!

Most importantly, there is a noticeable difference how these students are approaching math problems and using strategies to organize their thinking. Even with the decreased time due to swimming, they worked extremely well. There is one more contest to go in May.

At JC Hill, Mr. Hickey’s grade 7 class has also been competing in the contest all year long. Look for their results to appear in a future post. It’s great that both Ms. Hill and Mr. Hickey have given their students an opportunity to test their math skills in a challenging and fun format, while exploring the curriculum through problems. If you are interested in competing in the final contest, check out the Caribou Math link on the sidebar for details.

Way to go, Buffalo, er, i mean, Caribou

We had some fantabulous results in the second round of the Caribou contest yesterday. Congrats to the 7-3 class at JC Hill and a handful of grade 3 students at Emily C. General. We had some grade sevens finish in the top 50% (quite good, considering they are competing with grade eight students). As for the grade threes (who themselves are in direct competition with grade fours) we had some finish in the top 100, out of 600 students. That’s amazing!!

All Caribou competitors should be proud and remember, you are accumulating points for the class in the Caribou Cup competition. The next contest date is on January 19th. Please register using the Caribou Math contest link on the right side of the page.

Caribou Round Two!!

Tomorrow is the second round of the Brock University Caribou Math Contest. So far, I am aware of JC Hill Grade 7 and Emily C. General Grade 3 participating tomorrow in the quest for the Caribou Cup. You can still register today or tomorrow, whole class or small group or even individuals. Even if you did not participate in the first round, you can join in at any time throughout the year.

Click the “Caribou Contest” keyword below to see previous posts regarding the contest. There is also a link on the side to go directly to the Caribou page for details.

Thanks to those teachers who are challenging their students and approaching problem solving, math and technology in this integrated way.

(Note: Caribou Cup pictured at right is NOT the actual Caribou Cup, nor is it a reasonable fascimile. Actual Caribou Cup may differ in size, material and likeness.)

Caribou Cup News

A reminder to all teachers and students that the first Caribou Math Contest is tomorrow for grades 3 to 8. This year students and schools will be competing for the Caribou Cup!

i received the e-mail below for those interested in meeting Carl Caribou…
We have some exciting updates to the competition this 2010-2011 testing year that we could not wait to share with you! Available to all students, teachers and parents with a Facebook account, is our friendly math contest mascot, Carl Caribou. He is an excellent resource for students who need some tips on how to answer questions for practice tests, need hints to difficult problems and receive helpful reminders of current events and updates in regards to the Caribou Cup. This is also an exciting chance for all participants to connect with friends across Canada and develop great relationships through an educational experience.

To access this great resource, please go to

We really encourage you to join the group so that you can not only improve your math skills, but also be a part of a great community.

Thank You and Good Luck,

The Caribou Team

Caribou Contest Results

Yesterday, Six Nations students wrote the Brock University Caribou Math Contest for grades 5 and 6. We had an outstanding participation rate, with three schools entering 32 students. They should all be proud of their effort and willingness to compete.

Overall, the province had just shy of a thousand students involved in the contest. Our students ranked as high as 404th. The top 5 students in our district ranked 404th, 443rd, 474th, 493rd, and 502nd. All students will receive either a Certificate of Merit (which shows their ranking at a provincial level, district level, and school level) OR a Certificate of Participation.
We applaud all of those who participated and encourage future involvement in academic competitions. Thanks to all the grade 5 and 6 math teachers who have registered throughout the year. Your dedication to offering unique opportunities for the students to show their mathematical skills and knowledge is inspiring and motivating. Grades 3 and 4 students still have another opportunity to write the Caribou Contest on the 19th of May.