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Alice and Bob in Wonderland

The evening keynote speaker at the OAME Leadership Conference blew our minds. It was one of those talks that have people chattering immediately, continuing the conversation well into the evening, and then speaking about it more and more the next day._stwVar[“player”]= “generic_singlev2”;_stwVar[“width”]= “650”;_stwVar[“height”]= “460”;_stwVar[“autostart”]= “0”;_stwVar[“skintemplate”]= “stw_dark”;_stwVar[“clientid”]= “2121”;_stwVar[“clientcheck”]= “9Huudq3”;_stwVar[“mediaid”]= “562451”;_stwVar[“lang”]= “en”;_stwVar[“activesprinkler”]= “0”;_stwVar[“clientname”]= “perimeterinstitute”;_stwVar[“mediafileid”]= “881821”;embed();

The speaker’s name was Richard Epp, and he is part of the Perimeter Institute in Kitchener-Waterloo. They have produced a series of animations entitled Alice and Bob in Wonderland that briefly describe some of the greater questions and ideas that underline our existence. Here is one of them… to see them all, click here.