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Try These Math Games Over the Holidays

I stumbled upon this interesting math site of quick math games for students to use that will support a variety of math strands and skills.  Honestly, it was the Pac Man image that lured me to the site, and after a quick game of Math Man (swallow a question mark circle, which gives you an equation, which is the next ghost you need to eat) I was hooked.  Not the highest quality or fully developed, but definitely FUN!!  I’ve added a permanent link to the sidebar Website Links for Students.


EdCampTO 2011

Looks like an innovative gathering took place in TO this fall…watch this reflection video to see what happened at EdCampTO 2011 and visit the wiki to join in on the conversation.

15 Fixes for Broken Grades

Professional Book Talk Webinar With Grading Expert Ken O’Connor from Pearson Canada School Division on Vimeo.

10 Things That Matter From Assessment to Grading

Professional Book Talk Webinar With Assessment Expert Tom Schimmer from Pearson Canada School Division on Vimeo.

YouTube for Schools Is Education Hub for the Digital Age

YouTube for Schools Is Education Hub for the Digital Age

An article can be found at the link above…and please view the brief video below…

Can you believe that I had to argue and fight for You Tube access in our schools for over two-three years?

Financial Literacy documents

Here are a couple of Financial Literacy documents that come from the Ministry of Education.  I am posting them here so you can find them again.  I will also add a link to the sidebar.  A reminder that Financial Literacy is a responsibility of all teachers of all subjects.  The scope and sequence document helps align some of the curriculum areas with Financial Literacy concepts for grades 4 to 12.

A Sound Investment:  Financial Literacy Education in Ontario Schools

Financial Literacy:  A Scope and Sequence of Expectations

These documents are only available electronically on-line and can not be ordered in print form.

Try your hand (or head) at the Daily SET puzzle.  This is quite the game, presented to the OMCA group by Dr. Daniel Jarvis.  It is available at Scholar’s Choice, Chapters, as well as an iPad app.  To try the Daily SET puzzle, click here for the website.

JUMP Math webinar

Announcing JUMP Math Online Training Dates for December 2011- January 2012

JUMP Math is pleased to announce its first series of online training sessions for educators of grades 1 – 8. This two-part webinar, entitled How to Reach and Teach Every Child, is geared for educators with little or no experience with JUMP Math. Please register below for parts 1 and 2 on the dates and times that suit you.

The JUMP Math approach embraces new work in cognition that shows that mathematical abilities can be developed in all students through rigorous instruction. It is a method and philosophy that closes the achievement gap and raises the bar. In this two-part webinar, we present proven methods for engaging students in learning mathematics. Meticulously crafted lessons enable teachers to get their entire class moving forward at unprecedented rates by using: continuous assessment; techniques for improving class dynamics; scaffolded lessons that challenge students to discover mathematical concepts in manageable steps while continuously raising the bar; innovative bonus questions; and subtly varied practice. The JUMP approach helps teachers eliminate math anxiety and enables all students to reach their full potential.

In this webinar participants will:

•Learn about the JUMP Math program, its philosophy and development
•Become familiar with JUMP Math’s teacher and student materials
•Learn about JUMP Math teaching strategies
•Discuss practical strategies to develop mental math fluency
•Learn about strategies to develop solid problem-solving skills

JUMP Math experts will conduct these live, interactive webinar training sessions.

Introductory Offer: Participants who complete this 2-part seminar by the end of January can take advantage of a total price of $25 for this program. Please check the registration form for currently available sessions. We will add new sessions each month.

Please register at:

Please visit for more information.

Nya:weh to Mr. Freeman for sharing this information.  I do not believe that he receives kickbacks for this, but I may be wrong.

Interesting post on assessment and grieving from Think Thank Thunk…this blog is only a click away on the right sidebar under More Blogs.