SNDNC September Meeting Minutes

Six Nations District Numeracy Committee
Meeting Notes- Sept. 7/11 2:30- 4:00
In Attendance- DNT- Joe Restoule General, OMSK- Deb Martin Abel, Judy McNaughton; ILTO- Tammy Claus, ECG- Cathy Jamieson, Alice Anderson; JCH- Anne Noyes, Luanne Martin
Absent- JAM- Carrie Froman
  1. Terms of Reference- Reviewed these.
Secretariat- Luanne Martin
Principal Rep
DNT will make all changes and forward to committee.
Co-chair- Tammy Claus
Native Language Rep- Tammy C will ask Janis Thomas
TEA Rep- Tammy C will ask Alison Maracle
  1. Chart activity- District Needs- DNT will write up a summary of “meeting our school needs” and strategies.

Mrs. Noyes- Addressed the need for a district math document to provide a scope and sequence of expectations and skills for students per grade, using a time line.

This can be used as a planning tool which could stress new learning.
All members are encouraged to bring any documents of this type to our next meeting. District Math Alignment K-8 Project.

DNT showed the committee the virtual desk book and asked for contributions.


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