Math on the Move

Here is but one of the many great items that came from the OAME 2011 conference, courtesy of Melinda Lula from HWDSB. Her workshop was on the different ways technology can help us with our assessment practices, especially assessment FOR/AS learning. Please visit her wikispace, designed for conference participants, at .

Click around and explore the wikispace and thank her (and her HWSDB colleagues) for sharing the info. We really are moving towards a collaborative profession/practice from the private practice many of us have grown (too) accustom to. It’s wonderful to have fellow OCTs sharing not only within schools and boards, but across the province.

If you haven’t done so already, think about putting next year’s conference on your learning plan. It is like “Reading for the love of it” for math (but even better!!) and next year’s conference is in beautiful Kingston, Ontario. i will try to put up more items from the conference as soon as i get the opportunity.


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I'm a father, a teacher and a reader for life.

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