Caribou in Grade 3 and Grade 7

A big congratulations to Ms. Hill’s group of Grade 3 students who have been competing in the Caribou Math contest all year long. They wrote the test under less than ideal circumstances last Wednesday (it was a quick rush before they went swimming), yet they still managed to score some great results!!

Sheridan placed 231st out of 1042 students in Canada, in the grade 3/4 category. That means she competed against students a full grade ahead of her and still managed to finish in the top 23% in the nation. She also ranked 214th out of 931 in Ontario. Way to go, Sheridan!!

Most importantly, there is a noticeable difference how these students are approaching math problems and using strategies to organize their thinking. Even with the decreased time due to swimming, they worked extremely well. There is one more contest to go in May.

At JC Hill, Mr. Hickey’s grade 7 class has also been competing in the contest all year long. Look for their results to appear in a future post. It’s great that both Ms. Hill and Mr. Hickey have given their students an opportunity to test their math skills in a challenging and fun format, while exploring the curriculum through problems. If you are interested in competing in the final contest, check out the Caribou Math link on the sidebar for details.


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