Caribou Cup News

A reminder to all teachers and students that the first Caribou Math Contest is tomorrow for grades 3 to 8. This year students and schools will be competing for the Caribou Cup!

i received the e-mail below for those interested in meeting Carl Caribou…
We have some exciting updates to the competition this 2010-2011 testing year that we could not wait to share with you! Available to all students, teachers and parents with a Facebook account, is our friendly math contest mascot, Carl Caribou. He is an excellent resource for students who need some tips on how to answer questions for practice tests, need hints to difficult problems and receive helpful reminders of current events and updates in regards to the Caribou Cup. This is also an exciting chance for all participants to connect with friends across Canada and develop great relationships through an educational experience.

To access this great resource, please go to

We really encourage you to join the group so that you can not only improve your math skills, but also be a part of a great community.

Thank You and Good Luck,

The Caribou Team


About Mr. R.G.

I'm a father, a teacher and a reader for life.

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