March Numeracy Committee Meeting Minutes

Six Nations District Numeracy Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

JC Hill (2:30 – 4:00)

Agenda Items

Present: C. Froman, A. Anderson, S. Hill, J. Restoule General

Absent: L. Martin, J. Thomas, J. McNaughton

Review minutes from last meeting

Minutes were reviewed and approved with some questions.

Question was raised about the availability of the Understanding Math software. Jamieson school does not have it installed in the primary grades.

It was explained that originally all junior/intermediate teachers in the district had the demo software installed on their computers, as the software is geared towards these grade levels.

However, one component of the software does have lessons for K-3, so follow up installation for primary teachers was done at ECG, ILT, and OMSK. A request was submitted on January 28th, 2010 to have the software installed in the computer labs at ILT, JCH, and OMSK. At the time of the request, a response was given that personnel were too busy to fulfill the request.

Jamieson made the request to have the software installed for the primary teachers. M. Hickey and/or C. Bomberry will be contacted to do so.

Minutes approved and posted on the blog.

Webinar on Numeracy Nets from Pearson

The webinar was successfully conducted. On the presentation side was Chris Allen (Research and Communications Manager for Pearson), Keith Bauman (Senior Author and Advisor on Numeracy Nets), and Samantha McGowan (Regional Manager and Advisor for Pearson).

Keith walked us through the Numeracy Nets. He began with an overview of the resource (what its function is, why it is a valuable resource), followed by how the checkpoints are related to the Ontario curriculum.

He then went through the features of each checkpoint, and the content areas of the Numeracy Nets package. From there he went on to describe how a teacher would use the Numeracy Nets resource, including how a teacher can move forward with classroom planning after the assessment, as the tool is designed as assessment FOR learning.

Next, Keith explained how the class and individual tracking sheets could be used on a classroom or school basis. This included how to use the data in Professional Learning Communities.

Some key points from the webinar include:

Ø Numeracy Nets (NN) are primarily designed as assessment FOR learning; NOT to assess students AFTER they have done an activity

Ø NN check for a student’s/class’ readiness to learn grade level material

Ø NN BUILDS on a teacher’s existing math program with LINKS to the current classroom materials

Ø Black Line Masters contained on the CD-ROM are adjustable in the Word format

Question was asked concerning the testing of students who are known to be out of grade level. Keith replied that the tasks are designed to be simple enough that most anyone should be able to complete them as they are written, so use of the NN should remain within the grade level binder of the class using NN. Certainly starting with the appropriate grade level would be the first step, with teacher discretion occurring afterwards.

A second question asked about how NN addresses the need to emphasize the idea and understanding that math is more than computations and formulas, and that conceptual learning and understanding is what students require. Keith described how NN is related to Marian Small’s First Steps in Mathematics program, which emphasizes conceptual development.

Math Assessment Tools

PD planning for Numeracy Nets: With the new information gathered from the webinar, it was determined that math committee members were better equipped to assist with teacher use in the schools. It was suggested that implementation be discussed at divisional meetings. Joe is available for these meetings and will be looking to focus on the use of NN in the third term.

Teacher use: It was uncertain based on the committee members in attendance, whether or not teachers in the district had used the Numeracy Nets yet. Joe shared that he was aware that the JC Hill staff had, and feedback was positive regarding the initial use.

Ideas for ONAP implementation: As Numeracy Nets continue to be a focus; it was decided to delay any formal implementation of the ONAP resource. The understanding is that teachers do have the resource in their classrooms and are welcome to use them at any time, with formal PD and assistance to come at a later date.

CAT/Insight Testing Opportunity

Follow up on participation: Two schools (ECG and ILT) are signed up to participate in the Spring. Packages will be sent out in mid April. ILT will be conducting it in April and ECG in May.

Math contest (Caribou)

Upcoming dates/Classes involved: The next two Caribou contest dates were shared. Grades 5/6 compete on April 21st and grades 3/4 compete on May 19th. See the blog for full details.

Past results: Results from the grade 3 participants were shared. Joe presented certificates to the ILT students at their March recognition assembly. See blog for full details.

OMSK Math Night on February 17th

Report on how it went: The OMSK math night was well attended by staff, students and parents. Plenty of great math activities were shared, presented and played. See blog for full details.

ECG Math Night

Due to the length of the webinar, we did not get to the remainder of the agenda (except for the Wish List item below). All items will be bumped to the next meeting, which is April 22nd.

Explore Learning Teacher Passwords


PD opportunity update:

Mathville 1


Wish List of items/books

Joe mentioned that he heard an idea or request to compile a list of essential professional reading materials for all education staff concerning Numeracy. A few key texts were shared, with the request that committee members bring their own “must have” list of texts to add to the draft version of the master list.


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