National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Here is a neat website that i may or may not have shared already. It is full of virtual manipulatives that students can use when working in math or just looking for something fun to do. Obviously you need to have the computer handy, so it could be good as an assistive device for the few hands-on learners in your class OR a way for students to explore math problems at home, WITH MANIPULATIVES, where there normally aren’t manipulatives on hand.

Please experiment with it and provide feedback for the rest of the district by posting a comment.

About Mr. R.G.

I'm a father, a teacher and a reader for life.

Posted on October 26, 2009, in virtual manipulatives. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Thanks Mrs. Martin! It's great to know that teachers are using this site and the resources.Through teacher feedback we can share what we really like and share our ideas with how to effectively utilize these resources.Look forward to your future comments, fellow blogger!

  2. Thanks for the ideas Mr. RG- We've used the hundreds chart at Homework Support and in the Resource Room to practice prime/composite numbers, number facts and divisibilitiy rules. The virtual manipulatives are excellent- especially translations, rotations, etc. Would work with or without a smart board.L. Martin

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