Grand Erie Workshops

i just came back from the Primary Math session put on through the GEDSB. It was part one of three. (Not sure if any one from our district took the Junior Math session. Please let me know if you did because i could only sit in on one of them.)

Tonight we were given a resource for Patterning and Algebra that could also be used in the Arts (drama, music and dance strands). Just a simple little activity that i think was designed to get us moving on a Monday. We then looked at how an exercise in the Guide to Effective Mathematics Instruction provides an opportunity for students to actively problem solve, using all the areas and strategies that they are expected to engage in from the ministry documents.
From there, we looked at how teachers can plan their math for each term by exploring the big ideas of each strand and cluster expectations based on those ideas. A planning resource and curriculum continuum was shared, which i will bring to the first Numeracy meeting (this Thursday, October 1st!)
Grand Erie is offering many after school workshops throughout the year. If you haven’t checked out the package posted at your school, please do so. i’ve highlighted the Math related workshops on the sidebar of the blog. ——->

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